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Nursery Admissions

Nursery Admissions

The admission arrangement to Nursery units are similar to those applying to Primary Schools excepting the parental right of appeal.

All children are required by law to start school at the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday.

The law does not require the Local Authority to provide nursery education. Parents therefore, have the discretion to send their children to nursery classes in Calderdale.
(a) The general policy is to admit children to nursery classes in the September of each year providing their fourth birthday falls between 1 September of the year of admission and 31 August of the following year.
(b) For administration purposes all children should be registered by 31 January of the year of admission.
(c) Headteachers or Principals of Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools will be in a position to make an offer of a place around Easter prior to the September that the child is to be admitted.
(d) There is no advantage given to any parents on the grounds that they made an application to a particular school at an earlier date than other parents ie. a waiting list is for recording purposes only, it is not an admissions criteria.
(e) Nursery classes do not have defined priority zones, although consideration will be given to the length of journey to the nearest school. 

Parents are requested to note:
'Children who attend our Nursery up until the end of the academic year will receive preferential entry into our Reception year group!'