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Keeping children safe from bullying and abuse:

Dear Parent/CarerPlease ensure that you do monitor your child’s internet usage and engage with your child about the games and apps that they are using. To assist you in this the school has previously purchased a suite of training resources for our parents. You can access this at the following address:

Please ensure that you watch the videos and download the resources that are available to you, one of which is “7 Conversation Topics”; a handy guide that will enable you to ask pertinent questions of your child about their online activities.

National Online Safety present the 'Online Reputation Song' (click here)
How to spot FAKE NEWS (click here)
7 questions to help you start a conversation with your child about online safety (click here)
14 Top Tips To Get Smart About The DEVICES In Your Home (click here)
Social Media and Mental Health (click here)
What parents need to know about GRAND THEFT AUTO(click here)
What children need to know about ONLINE BULLYING (click here)
What parents need to know about AGE RATINGS (click here)
What parents need to know about CATFISHING (click here)
What parents need to know about LIVE STREAMING (click here)
What parents need to know about HOUSEPARTY (click here)
What parents need to know about MOMO (click here)
What parents need to know about APEX LEGENDS (click here)
What parents need to know about VPNs (click here)
What parents need to know about ONLINE CHALLENGES (click here)
What parents need to know about YOUTUBE (click here)
What parents need to know about DISCORD (click here)
What parents need to know about CALL OF DUTY (click here)
What parents need to know about YOLO (click here)
What parents need to know about LIKE (click here)

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10 Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media; https://www.premierchoiceinternet.com/10-tips-stay-safe-social-media/
Cyber Bullying; https://www.bestreviewslist.com/online-safety-guide/
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