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Covid-19 Resources

Covid-19 Resources

At present the Coronavirus is the cause of much anxiety and concern for young people and families. Here are some resources designed to help cope with such stress and uncertainty at this time.
Visit https://www.camhs-resources.co.uk/coronavirus

Time Out Website:
Healthy Minds are focusing on reaching out to young people via our website and Facebook page and we are putting daily activities on there for young people and children to do as we understand that this period of isolation can affect young peoples’ mental health. They are also hoping young people can send in blogs about their experience of being in isolation. Please see the website for more details: http://www.timeoutcalderdale.co.uk/coronavirus.html

Calderdale’s Emotional Health & Wellbeing Website has lots of useful information. Visit: www.openmindscalderdale.org.uk 

Mental Health & Wellbeing (COVID-19):
At Whitehill Community Academy children’s wellbeing is considered a great importance and we would like to help you support your child with this during any period of isolation. The following are links to support your child’s wellbeing and mental and physical health. Keeping active, getting outside (this can just be in the garden), being creative (e,g. baking, art), mindfulness time (e.g. mindful colouring, yoga, meditation), can all help support your child and yourselves.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Links (click here)
60 Day Daily Wellbeing Tasks (click here)
LEGO 30 Days Of Play (click here)
10 Top Tips for remote learning for teachers (click here)
10 Top Tips for remote learning for parents (click here)
10 Top Tips for remote learning for children (click here)
50 things to do with a stick (click here)
How to maintain good mental wellbeing during isolation (click here)
How families can support each others mental health during self isolation (click here)
Supporting for child and families through COVID19 (click here)
Having fun at home (click here)
Learning at home (click here)
SEND open letter from Vicky Ford MP (click here)

Protecting your mental health through COVID19: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51873799
Early Years (DfE 6 new apps): https://www.gov.uk/government/news/early-years-apps-approved-to-help-families-kick-start-learning-at-home
Coronavirus (COVID-19) and caring for your baby: https://www.lullabytrust.org.uk/safer-sleep-advice/coronavirus-and-caring-for-your-baby/
Mental Health & Wellbeing of children during the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-on-supporting-children-and-young-peoples-mental-health-and-wellbeing/guidance-for-parents-and-carers-on-supporting-children-and-young-peoples-mental-health-and-wellbeing-during-the-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak
Looking after your feelings and your body:
Active Imaginations: https://www.activeimaginations.co.uk/
Coronavirus: A Book for Children by Nosy Crow-Issuu - https://issuu.com/nosycrow/docs/coronavirus_ins/1?ff&hideShareButton=true

Description: advice on dealing with school closures and talking to children about COVID-19.
Website: https://www.bps.org.uk/news-and-blogs

Children’s Commissioner
Description: a downloadable guide for children about coronavirus.
Website: https://www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk/publication/childrens-guide-to-coronavirus/
The Child Bereavement Network
Description: advice on supporting grieving children during the coronavirus outbreak.
Website: http://www.childhoodbereavementnetwork.org.uk/covid-19.aspx
Compare The Market
Description: Understanding Screen Addiction and Responsible Digital Use
Website: https://www.comparethemarket.com/broadband/content/screen-usage-guide/